Community Ministries

logobullet Jefferson County Community Ministries

238 W. Washington Street, Charles Town, WV 25414
Phone: 304-725-3186; Fax 304-724-6380

Jefferson County Community Ministries, Inc. (JCCM) is a cooperative ministry of local churches whose purpose is to assist people in need. Assistance is provided on a limited scale for short-term emergencies in an effort to enable people to work out permanent solutions for meeting their own needs.

JCCM can provide assistance with food, clothing, and limited financial aid aimed toward meeting essential expenses, including rent, utilities, medicine, heating fuel, and gasoline. Assistance is provided by referring persons who qualify to appropriate agencies, by providing resources such as food and clothing donated or purchased for this purpose, and through arrangements with local vendors who accept checks or credit vouchers.

JCCM combines the compassion and the resources of the participating churches in a central location. It ensures availability of resources, prevents unnecessary duplication of services by churches and other community agencies, and enables a greater stewardship of money and other resources.